Maureen Adedeji



Just a bit of my background … I’m Maureen, a Brand and Communications Professional resident in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a graduate of Mass Communications with a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs. For up to a decade, I have been passionately building local/global brands across various industries in Nigeria. You can read more about my educational background HERE and my portfolio HERE

I’m an enthusiastic lover of travel and all genres of music. I am also fortunate to be married to my very best friend and we are caretakers + poo packers to our dogs named Bob, Bailey & Fluffy 🙂

about the blog

Human life is a passage – it’s simply a crossing to somewhere else. Most people stay on the highway, but some choose to go off-road.

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My mission… with this platform… is to provide high-quality content in the hopes of getting you inspired to live a purposeful life, build a stronger brand for yourself and/or your business with the prospect of transferring sustainable wealth of knowledge across generations.

PS: I am so grateful you found yourself here. Let me be your sidekick on this journey called life and LET’S STAY ON THE HIGHWAY TOGETHER.

Warm love,

Maureen XO 🙂