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How Brand Marketers Can Thrive In The Midst Of A Recession

posted by Maureen Adedeji February 3, 2017 0 comments

Advertising is a growth driver for business. Brands invest in advertising to launch new products, educate consumers, grow market share and sales or even to fight competition but what happens when a brand finds itself in the midst of an economic downturn?

In business, it is logical to reduce cost when revenue isn’t growing and advertising is usually one of the first cost lines to get affected. However, when brands cut back on advertising especially in a recession, they are at the risk of losing market share and profits in the long term. Continue Reading



posted by Maureen Adedeji March 10, 2016 0 comments

What do you do when it seems like all hope is lost – Give up or Stay focused on your vision?

I have been this position so many times and I realized that greatness isn’t made for mere men but for courageous men who were bold enough to take steps to achieve success even when they fell several times. This write up wasn’t compiled by me but I thought to share it to encourage anyone who may feel low in spirit and have decided to let life take control instead of the other way round.

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