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How Brand Marketers Can Thrive In The Midst Of A Recession

posted by Maureen Adedeji February 3, 2017 0 comments

Advertising is a growth driver for business. Brands invest in advertising to launch new products, educate consumers, grow market share and sales or even to fight competition but what happens when a brand finds itself in the midst of an economic downturn?

In business, it is logical to reduce cost when revenue isn’t growing and advertising is usually one of the first cost lines to get affected. However, when brands cut back on advertising especially in a recession, they are at the risk of losing market share and profits in the long term. Continue Reading

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posted by Maureen Adedeji August 29, 2016 3 Comments

A performance indicator or key performance indicator (KPI) is a type of performance measurement that evaluates the success of an organization. It is the ability to meaningfully measure and track the right data that directly affects your marketing objectives, however, this data is useless if it doesn’t relate to your business goals.

Thankfully, there are free tools like Google Analytics that can provide you with real-time, instant access to the actions, behaviors, demographics, interests, acquisitions, locations etc. of prospective customers visiting your website. There is also Marketing Automation software, a more robust tool that can trace attribution across channels like email, social media and events all at once. Continue Reading

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How to leverage #Rio2016 Olympics as a non-sponsor

posted by Maureen Adedeji August 5, 2016 0 comments

As the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics start tonight in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, the world will witness the biggest media event this year and it is estimated that nearly 5 billion people will see the Games across the continent. Already brands and businesses have either concluded plans or still in the planning process of how they can maximise this great opportunity to increase their reach, visibility and engagement across digital platforms. Continue Reading

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posted by Maureen Adedeji July 25, 2016 0 comments

In an evolving business landscape, the importance of measuring your social media success as efficiently as possible is nonnegotiable. With the tons of reporting tools and data available/easily accessible; choosing the right type of metric to monitor can be a heck of a task for social media marketers like myself.

As a social media manager having to handle brands, it is therefore important to constantly monitor your brands performance across platforms in order to optimize your content and enhance your share of voice. Based on my experience in the industry, I have put together the following 3o social media metrics- categorized into nine groups as they have proven to be key to analyzing your social media for optimum success.


  1. Audience Growth: The rate at which your brand increases (or loses) in audience.
  2. Engagement as % of Audience: Adding up total engagement actions across all your social networks and then dividing that by total audience.
  3. Engagement per Fan/Follower: Adding up total engagement actions for one network and dividing by the number of fans (or followers) for that particular network.
  4. Engagement per reach: Adding up total engagement actions for one network and dividing by the total reach for that particular network.

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