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posted by Maureen Adedeji January 22, 2014 0 comments

In this scenario, i would be linking football to how you can prepare for opportunities. Football, undoubtedly is/still remains one of the largest sporting activity that brings heterogeneous and diversified people together all around the world. It involves coaches, two(2) goal post and team, 11 players on each team, a referee and of course, the tossing of the ball around the playing field.
Some time ago, a friend and I were analyzing the years Kola (not a real name) has spent in the company, not as a Manager, Executive Director or Department Head but as an Office assistant for a solid 14 YEARS still with his tertiary certificate. You can imagine that he should have spent those years upgrading his qualification, engaging in career training sessions or investing in his God-given talent but for the lack of vision, determination, focus  and procrastination in most cases; he lost out on the unlimited opportunities that would have come his way.

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