Just a bit of my background… I’m Maureen, a Brand and Marketing Communications Professional resident in Toronto, Canada. I’m a graduate of Mass Communications with a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs. For up to a decade, I have been passionately building local/global brands across various industries. You can read more about my educational background HERE and my portfolio HERE

I’m a foodie, an enthusiastic lover of travel, and all genres of music.

about the blog

Human life is a passage – it’s simply a crossing to somewhere else. Most people stay on the highway, but some choose to go off-road.

Marie Simas

My mission… with this platform… is to provide high-quality content in the hopes of getting you inspired to live a purposeful life, build a stronger brand for yourself and/or your business with the prospect of transferring sustainable wealth of knowledge across generations.

PS: I am so grateful you found yourself here. Let me be your sidekick on this journey called life and LET’S STAY ON THE HIGHWAY TOGETHER.

Warm love,

Maureen XO 🙂