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Over the years, I have always enjoyed working closely with various graphic artists to bring to life ideas and visual contents for the brands we manage but never in my life did I feel the need to equip myself with those basic graphic tricks and skills. This was because I lacked the interest after all, I could always pay someone to do the job while I focus on my key role as a brands professional (I was so wrong about this).

Basically, I have been strategically building my profile -my brand – and part of this process requires me to arm myself with call cards, ready for the slightest networking opportunity. I did my research, shopped around for ideas but I wasn’t satisfied with the designs I had come across. I wanted something simple yet classy, something that represented my personality and therefore, I decided to try my hands at designing my first PERSONAL CALL CARD using PowerPoint & Paint.

See how excellently well the physical copies turned out  Yayyyy! I must confess, I felt and still feel so excited and proud of how I was able to challenge myself to a task as little as this.

This, in no small measure has helped build confidence in my abilities as it opened my eyes to the many possibilities I can achieve if only I set my mind to doing them. Thankfully, I have decided to learn, enhance and put to practice this creative skill by relying on the user-generated content (videos) that can be easily accessed on YouTube. And when I run into any difficulty, my Creative artist colleagues will always be more than willing to assist. With these, I am sure to be more skilled in Creative designing, using Photoshop, After-effects and other sophisticated programs.

BECAUSE…. YES I CAN be anything I want to be. #AmateurDesigner #SoProud #WorkInProgress #Anticipate

BTW, your review of my call card whether positive or nah… will be highly appreciated

Thank you!!!

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