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The Power Of Customer Experience Through Scent Marketing

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Marketing using scent is a new branding frontier that is fast becoming popular with banks, cars, retailers, stadiums, stores, airports and even hospitality businesses who are all trying to distinguish themselves via the deeply influential sense of smell.

Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all the human five senses. Scent plays an important role in enhancing brand identity as brands are able to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level, resulting in a more memorable experience.

This marketing tactic has shown that the right scent can open people’s wallets or project a sense of comfort and luxury just like the hotels. It can also enhance the perception of the brand especially for a bank like ours and in the same vein, it even improve one’s performance when the office environment oozes a strong but sweet fragrance.

“The strongest tie and most memorable trigger is a scent,” – Maureen Adedeji

For a business owner  or manager, the implementation of scent marketing does the following for your personal or business brand;

  • Increases product attractiveness
  • Influences positively perception of service quality
  • Makes the images of your brand appear more professional
  • Creates laison between scent, product and brand, making it easy to recognize
  • Makes the atmosphere more pleasant
  • It can trigger a memory or desire that influences a purchase decision.
  • It generates traffic by attracting customers inside

So if you are looking to attract new customers, increase sales, heighten value perception or expand brand recognition and customer satisfaction- think of using powerful scents in form of traditional perfumes, air freshener, scented candles or diffusers.

Without doubt, you would agree that it is important for us (as an individual & a business brand) to enhance our customer experience with the power of scent.

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