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According to a massive Gallup poll, 70 percent of people hate or, at best, are “completely disengaged” from their job hence, you tend to hear the “Monday Blues– i hate Mondays”. The feelings of depression and anxiety usually starts on Sunday night, leading to an unproductive Monday. That might be why 37 percent of job applications are submitted on Tuesdays, more than any other day; you have another terrible Monday at a job you hate, and you’re ready to get out of there.

This boils down to your ability to inject passion into your profession.  Now let’s take a look at this totally hilarious 2-minutes video.

From the video, we can see Mike’s excitement about Mondays and his love for his job. You can feel the “passion” (oops… that Telemundo lover. Lol) right from his sleep down to his preparation at work. 

You may be wondering, who is Mike and why does he feel this way?

Mike represents you and I.  Mike has responsibilities, a family; he gets to experience the dreaded Lagos traffic, the aggressive road drivers or perhaps frustrated conductors who wouldn’t give him his balance, he also feels the “change” as a result of the economic situation but still, he is passionate about life and about his job.

Mike can really be you and I; and you and I can be driven by passion.

What is passion?

Passion is not;

  • a strong sexual desire
  • lust
  • anger
  • rage
  • suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross

rather, passion is;

  • the energy you desire for bringing all of you in all you do
  • being who you are and doing what comes naturally
  • the energy you gain when you have an understanding of what you like, what you possess and what drives you

Passion enables innovation and creativity. It provides the desire to persevere while you avoid cutting corners and pursue excellence. It creates energy among colleagues that allow work to be completed more quickly, helps people deal with fear, makes you want to stay in your job and contribute even when you are not feeling your best.

Your passion increases fulfillment in your job because it makes the work fun and creates a good working environment that increases productivity and performance. This can be seen because of the infectious positive effect you have on your colleagues or career and among colleagues. Injecting passion in the workplace helps to build a high performing and productive organization.

This passion, whether it is for life or at the workplace, can only be felt because of your awareness of the things that motivates you personally. It’s the difference between waking up before dawn to get busy and lazing around the house all day checking gossip sites like Linda Ikeji’s blog . It’s the crucial element in setting and attaining goals— and research shows you can influence your own levels of motivation; however, you need a clear understanding of the intrinsic and extrinsic types of motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation essentially is the behaviour that is driven by interest or enjoyment in the task itself, it exist within the individual rather than being driven by an end goal- to get paid or to avoid punishment and relying on external pressures like Extrinsic Motivation based on the studies by psychologists.


Now, here’s a little exercise for you to do today. Take a paper, based on an assessment of yourself write down your Skillset (Tools), Interests and Drivers (Motivators) in a tabular form. This is called the S.I.D Analysis test which can help you properly assess, discover your true-self and channel your passion in a truly rewarding career or job role after-all, knowledge is power. Then, just then, will you be able to enjoy doing what you do, looking forward to and telling it to the mountains that “I LOVE MONDAYS. I LOVE MY JOB” just like Mike.


video credit: Michael Kerr- Humor in the workplace expert.

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