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As a full time banker who literally works from (when I’m wake) 5:00am to 7:00pm on the average every Monday to Friday, I sometimes find it difficult to create time away from my busy schedules/home to enjoy myself. However, this changed when I discovered “NothingToDoInLagos” on Instagram. NTDIL is focused on helping people explore all the happenings in Lagos and through them I booked for a 1-hour Kayaking session for two.
To be honest, It was my first time Kayaking I have always admired this activity from a glimpse on the television and I was not disappointed at all. This experience came with the thrills and chills; exactly what I needed to relax from my busy life in Lagos.

During the time I was out enjoying the kayak, I had a retrospect of life in general. Through my experience of this activity, I was reminded of these life lessons:
1~ If you don’t paddle, you don’t move. Same is applicable to life- you cannot afford to be stagnant therefore, each day brings the opportunity for us to be our better self.
2~ Through the waves of life, be calm. It doesn’t promise to always be a smooth sail but always know He who guides you. He is God and would never fail.
3~ Overcome your fears and be courageous enough to take on the challenges of life. They make you stronger.
4~ As you sway and sail through the sea, your outlook to life should be pleasant. Always smile 🙂
5~ Before you go into the kayak, you are armed with a life jacket. This serves as a protection to help you stay afloat in the water till you swim to the shore or till a rescue comes along- in case of any mishap. It is the same vein our religions belief in our creator and His word (Bible/Koran etc.) arms us with the basic principles of life that will help us succeed in our journey through life.

5~ Enjoy the adventure and be patient till you get to your destination
PS: At the tail end of my 1-hour ride, the waves from a speedboat almost made me capsize (oops!) and I ended up getting drenched in the salty water as a result of fear while struggling to control the Kayak :DPSS: If there is no #Owambe (party) to attend and have #NothingToDoInLagos, I recommend you take a friend or two and enjoy Kayaking just like I did ;)To see more pictures from my time Kayaking, please visit my Instagram page 


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Omolara Oluyemi 26th August 2016 at 5:43 pm

Well done nice write up?, with the hustling and bustling we face everyday in Lagos Kayaking sounds interesting,will definitely give it a try.

Maureen Adedeji 29th August 2016 at 12:08 pm

You really should! I’m so sure you would love it 🙂


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