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Managing customer queries & technology flops

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Just recently I noticed a good number of social media users went online to inquire about the “Motion & Fitness Activity” and “Background location” popup notification which they noticed after the most recent update of the Diamond Bank app. Shortly after this, Kene brought up this same issue on a Silicon Africa Facebook group which I happen to be a member, however, what caught my attention was the most unhelpful response ever- from the Diamond Bank’s social media rep. See response below…

diamond bank query_1

There was no explanation to address the user’s experience neither did the brand outline the value a customer stands to enjoy by accepting the new feature, just a simple, “… Please click on OK to accept…” really??? In as much as the customer service representative was trying to manage the turn-around-time (TAT ) for queries, they should have  ensured a quality response if they had put a call through to their tech team for a better knowledge other than that inappropriate/clueless response.

diamond bank query_3

All sorts of assumptions.. some even laughable were brought to the fore as people were wondering if “They want to know if you have a healthy financial standing in your location” “If your money is running or crawling or if it grows like grass”  “They want to start a life insurance product. So they will like to monitor your health…” and so on. This was as a result of the poor response to very important queries.

Honestly, one can’t help but wonder if this is  part of the symptoms of the “Pressure cooker” product development environment in Nigerian organisations where key decision makers are more keen about “When are we going LIVE? thereby causing a disconnect in management systems.

Some organisations have forgotten the need to critically follow through with processes and procedures. Nobody sees the need to create internal focus group engagement with various units within the system and/or even with external consumers. They do not care to review the UX/UI i.e User interface and User experience vis-a-via what is obtainable in more developed countries. They just want to ‘GO LIVE’ and launch before the guys next door.

If the simple explanation for their new app notification is to convert your Candy crush and Pokemon Go points to Nigerian Naira, then you might as well allow them please 😉

On the flipside, let’s take a look at how another brand- Heritage bank was able to manage its customer Tej Okaro via Twitter thereby excitingly engaging them.

hb_1 hb_2 hb_3 hb_4

Customer Relationship Management and Technology are two peas in a pod for every organisation. Let’s not forget that technology has been proven to transform businesses and this same technology totally drives an organisation effectiveness. Therefore, organisations and the people like you and I- within these organisations NEED TO UP THE GAME before we loose out to other competitors due to technology flops and more importantly- customer dissatisfaction.


PS: If you keep getting popup notifications or ads on your mobile app then you should check the following to rectify the issues;

1- One of the apps you downloaded is infected with a Trojan. I recommend you install 360 security app.

2- Check the app permission you must have granted which may include the right to your location, load ads, add shortcuts, access to your social media, access to your contact lists etc… You would have to delete and reinstall your apps and reboot your phone.

If you’ve got some other ways to resolve these popup issues, please share them in the comment section…


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